Baby K's Arrival 

On August 25th, my water broke, at only 22 weeks. I began bleeding non-stop for hours. We immediately rushed to the hospital, that was 40 minutes away. After having staff members help clean me off they did an examination and informed me that membranes of my water sac were present. They immediately told us we were going to lose our baby because one so small could not survive. We were then moved to labor and delivery. They hooked her up to a monitor and a heartbeat was found. During the intake process, an exam was performed again, and I had dilated to 3 cm in a matter of minutes. My daughter was breeched and her legs were already out of my cervix. They informed us that at this rate she would be delivered within a few hours. The NICU team was contacted and a physician was sent to speak to us. They stated that most hospitals do not take babies who are so underdeveloped. They themselves had recently lowered the age from 24 weeks within the past few years. We were given a pamphlet and told the chances of survival. They said she would go into cardiac arrest and have to be resuscitated. They brought the smallest breathing tube that's made. If it was not small enough for her airway, nothing could be done. Her chances were less than %1, and that was with her going through a series of events with the same odds. We waited  all night. The next morning, after shift change, the nurse noticed our babies heart rate  beginning to drop. After she examined me she called the Doctor so he could check as well and the agreed that my daughters cord was wrapped around her neck. I was told initially that a C-section was too risky.  After the exam, he said  it might be the only way to save her life. She would pass if we did a vaginal delivery, because decapitation was a concern. The Doctor told me we would be given privacy to decide, but that every second would cause more damage. I told them I wanted to do the C-section and people simultaneously filled the room. Without a breath they rolled me to the operating room, prepped me for surgery, and had me under the knife.  Baby K was born weighing only ONE POUND AND TWO OUNCES. 

Micropreemie Mommy

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